About 3 months ago my wife and I (Peter & Gail) decided to chop in our caravan for a motorhome. We have traveled through France and Spain in the caravan but we thought owning a motorhome would give us more options of travelling around Europe. So we purchased our Elddis Sun Tour 4 berth motorhome. When we bought the motorhome to our house my mother said it looked like an ice cream van so it was given the name Mr Whippy.

So next week we start our first adventure. Heading towards the south of France. We are due to be in Perpignan for 10 days but other than that we have nothing planned. We will follow the sun until we return 6 weeks later.

This will be my first attempt at blogging. I hope to give you a flavour of our adventures with some pictures thrown in. Spelling and grammar is not one of my strongest points so please bear with me.

We leave next Sunday that’s when “The adventures of Mr Whippy” will begin




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